Jewellery Care

At Kadrio, we believe fashion and jewellery is about expressing yourself. Your jewellery represents your style & says a lot about you.

So here are some tips to take care of your precious treasures.


Care Guide 

  1. First Off, Last On
    It should be the last thing you wear and the first thing you take off. This is a golden rule to take care of your accessory. If you wear them in the first place, there are chances of knocking and scratching through clothes & which can also lead parts to break. Please do not wear your jewellery while sleeping.

  2. Its own space
    Keep these beautiful pieces in a zip lock bag and each piece in separate sections so they remain untangled. If they brush against each other, it will wear and tear. Store them safely and they'll be your forever.

  3. Likes it dry & cool
    Perfumes, soap, strong chemicals, hair spray, creams and excessive humidity are harsh for your jewellery. Best to stay away from them. Also, avoid putting on jewelry when doing dishes, laundry, or swimming. Cleaning products have tough chemicals & can take away the luster of jewellery. Also, avoid high temperatures & keep in a cool dry place